LYNDALL MITCHELL | Business and personal productivity and high performance workshops and masterclasses for corporate teams
Business and life coach Lyndall Mitchell offers executive business teams personal productivity and performance development workshops and masterclasses to fast track business success and improve team performance.
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Corporate Masterclasses

Working with business teams, I provide coaching masterclasses designed build greater capacity for personal productivity and performance. Drawing on the latest neuroscience and positivity psychology research, I help teams clear the clutter, examine their own leadership strengths, identify priorities and build a road map for success.

Masterclasses run for 90 minutes, and can be designed to suit the needs of your group. Groups of up to 10 – 20 people work best, however larger groups can also be facilitated.

Speaking Topics

Triple O – Overwhelmed, overworked and overscheduled
What is your triple-0 strategy? In this talk, Lyndall will discuss strategies to find balance in all parts of life based on more than 20 years on the frontline of wellness – helping some of the busiest, burnt out executives in Australia find a new path to wellness. Lyndall explains how to find the motivation to live your best life and escape the Triple-O mentality of being too busy and time poor to truly live life. The talk includes a series of exercises, interactive activities and powerful visuals.

Breaking Bad (habits)
Lyndall introduces her tried and tested model for shifting to new levels of wellness and breaking out of the bad! Through her work as a leading wellness practitioner, Lyndall has seen it all – technology addicts; 15 espressos a day men, workaholics, insomniacs, comfort eaters and other destructive behaviours that breed anxiety and unhappiness. She understands how difficult it can be to address bad habits and has tried and tested strategies to create new habits for wellness and self-care. “It’s about hardwiring for health!”

Masterclass of Wellness
This is a talk for anyone who wants to seriously boost their sense of wellbeing. Masterclass of Wellness is designed for time-poor professionals looking to reduce stress and improve health and wellbeing – without having to take a week off to attend a retreat. This masterclass is designed by Lyndall as a new approach to health awareness and wellness designed to bring evidence-based skills and positive behaviours traditionally gained at retreats to the real world. “It is all about finding balance in all parts of life and tapping into the motivation to live your best life.” The Masterclass of Wellness is currently being taught by Lyndall in boardrooms around Australia.

My preferred presentation topics are:

  • Productivity and mental clarity
  • Time management and structure
  • Business performance
  • Values based living
  • Personal wellness
  • Stress management
  • Work Life balance
  • Women in business
  • Entrepreneurship
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If you’re interested in starting your Life Coaching journey online, I’m delighted to have created a series of online workshops with the gorgeous Deborah Hutton. Through Deborah’s website Balance by Deborah Hutton, you can sign up online, download a series of worksheets and watch videos which guide you through the process to identify your values, work through your Wheel of Balance and start goal setting.

Here’s a few videos about the background to course, the types of topics we cover and an introduction by Deborah Hutton.

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Presentations and Speaking Engagements

Invitations to Present

Lyndall Mitchell is Australia’s foremost wellness expert with more than 20 years leading the wellness sector in Australia. She has a reputation for leaving her audiences informed, empowered and inspired. She shares her knowledge in a range of speaking formats;
• Intimate groups settings
• Boardroom workshops
• Larger team sessions
• Lecture style presentations
• Major keynote addresses at conferences/retreats

As the founder and CEO of Aurora Spa, an employer of more than 100 staff and as a sought after coach and confidante, Lyndall has a wealth of knowledge, case studies and passion to share with her audiences as well as the latest science of wellness.

Lyndall loves to work with event organisers to tailor her presentations for maximum impact.

Please send me your request, with your proposed dates and topics and I’ll get back to you.

Previous presentations include:

  • Australian Spa Conference
  • William Angliss Institute
  • CSL Pharmaceutical
  • kikki.K
  • Aurora Spa Retreat
  • Palazzo Versace
  • Mecca Cosmetica
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