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Top 5 Wellness Tips For Your Holiday

Top 5 Wellness Tips For Your Holiday

Posted by Lyndall Mitchell in Fun & Recreation, Health & Fitness

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This week I have the honour of hosting Master Classes of Wellness for Alila Villas Soori, Bali. During the classes we talk about making the most of our time out of our daily routine to restore our wellbeing.

Holidays are wonderful times to rest and rejuvenate and take our self care to a whole new level. Here are my top five wellness tips for your next holiday.

1. Lemon or lime on rising – support your liver by having a squeeze of fresh citrus fruit in some room temperature water. This helps to purify and cleanse the liver.

2. Hydrate – lying by the pool can be really raise a sweat! Even in times of rest keep yourself well hydrated for maximum cell renewal. At Alila I am loving the purified water from the source in recyclable bottles. A great solution to treading a bit lighter on the environment here in Bali.

3. Breath - Create a morning ritual of breathing deeply with full and slow breaths, for a few minutes to take in the your new surrounds. Our brains love novelty and newness, while you have time, pause to take it in. By beginning your day by breathing deeply it can help to trigger full deep breathing more often throughout the day.

4. Eat mindfully – when we are on holidays we have a wonderful gift – time. Take longer to eat your meals and explore the different local seasonal produce. For me being in warm environments means fresh papaya with a squeeze on lime juice…. Bliss!!!

5. Exfoliate - to keep your skin buffed and glowing you can exfoliate more often on holidays. At Alila Soori a natural black volcanic sand exfoliation on the beach is definitely worth a try. The glistening silky sand feels so soft on the skin and creates a perfect exfoliation.

On holidays wellness can still be a part of your lifestyle. For me it’s about the balance, 80% wellness and 20% indulgence rather than the other way around.

26 Jun 2015