LYNDALL MITCHELL | HR Daily, April 2015
Life and Wellness Coach Lyndall Mitchell is the founder of Australia's best day spa Aurora Spa Retreat located in Melbourne, Victoria and on the Gold Coast, Queensland in Australia. Lyndall offers Wellness Masterclasses and workshops and coaching for individual and businesses.
Life coaching wellness coaching Melbourne Australia Lyndall Mitchell Founder Aurora Spa Retreat

HR Daily, April 2015

April 28, 2015

Stress is costing Australian businesses $12.3 billion each year, but simple wellbeing practices used in the workplace on a daily basis can significantly reduce it, according to wellness experts.

Leaders who take time out daily to reduce their stress levels – even if they don’t think they’re stressed – will be more productive and make better decisions, executive coaches Shannah Kennedy and Lyndall Mitchell, founders of the Masterclass of Wellness boardroom retreats, told HR Daily.

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