LYNDALL MITCHELL | How do we create habits that stick?
Executive Performance and Leadership Coach, Lyndall Mitchell gives advice on how to make new habits stick.
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How do we create habits that stick?

Self regulation is highest in the morning

How do we create habits that stick?

Posted by Lyndall Mitchell in Personal Growth

Quite often clients will ask, “How do I create habits that stick?” It’s great to be armed with an understanding of how we function and when we function best before you create your new habits.

Our self-regulation is at its highest in the morning – this is the ideal time to schedule tasks that you find challenging. For me, this is the time to get detailed work done. Work that requires high concentration and brain power.

With fitness and exercise the same applies, your self-regulation is at its highest in the morning. This is when I choose to exercise because I find it the easiest. As we go through the day our self-regulation lowers, which gives reason for the 3pm snacking, the “pick me up” or the excuses for not exercising at the end of the day.

If you are finding that resisting the afternoon “pick me up” difficult, think of ways to best support yourself so you can have healthy options at a time you are most likely to eat something you will feel guilty about later. For me I tend to have hummus and veggie sticks or even a nut ball filled with antioxidants and vitamins for good energy boost with me so I know that when I need the pick me up, I’m supporting my body.

So if you are looking to create habits that support you to work with your body’s natural rhythm, prioritise the challenging tasks for the morning and support yourself in the afternoon. Plan your day to maximise your self-regulation and your habits will become easier and more sustainable.

06 Aug 2014