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Life and Wellness Coach Lyndall Mitchell is the founder of Australia's best day spa Aurora Spa Retreat located in Melbourne, Victoria and on the Gold Coast, Queensland in Australia. Lyndall offers Wellness Masterclasses and workshops and coaching for individual and businesses.
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Top 5 Wellness Tips For Your Holiday

Posted by Lyndall Mitchell in Fun & Recreation, Health & Fitness

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This week I have the honour of hosting Master Classes of Wellness for Alila Villas Soori, Bali. During the classes we talk about making the most of our time out of our daily routine to restore our wellbeing.

Holidays are wonderful times to rest and rejuvenate and take our self care to a whole new level. Here are my top five wellness tips for your next holiday. (more…)

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Time Out from The Mental Checklist

Posted by Lyndall Mitchell in Health & Fitness, Personal Growth

When I was doing my morning practice of yoga and meditation recently, it dawned on me that I spend so much time during the day with the next task on my mind, my mental checklist that keeps rolling throughout the day. This is efficient and effective for our workday, however how much time do we spend without the ‘next thing’ on our list. When do we take that time to surrender to the moment, to surrender in a way where you detach from any lists, shouldn’ts, coulds, or to-do lists? From my experience with clients and for myself, we don’t spend much time in this space unless it is by intention. This is part of the reason why meditation can be so challenging for people. We spend most of our existence with the next task on our list, keeping our minds busy with activity and being so used to being busy that when we stop the cycle it feels uncomfortable. (more…)

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Legs Up The Wall

Posted by Lyndall Mitchell in Health & Fitness

Restorative yoga is a great way to help settle and calm the nervous system at night or during the day. It can help to ease anxiety, stress and insomnia, so you can prepare for a good nights sleep. There are some fairly easy restorative yoga postures that can give great benefits when practiced.

Legs Up The Wall is my all time favourite. It is a very easy inversion with benefits for beginners through to experienced yogis. (more…)

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