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Get out of overwhelm and stress by setting clear boundaries for your life. Executive coaching by Lyndall Mitchell, Melbourne, founder of Aurora Spas.
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A Happier Life with Boundaries

Clear boundaries for leadership and happiness

A Happier Life with Boundaries

Posted by Lyndall Mitchell in Personal Growth

So often when coaching, I hear clients that are in total overwhelm and feeling unmotivated. They are unclear, sometimes to the point where that creates severe anxiety. For some, work has lost its purpose and meaning and it feels like the world is against them. Others feel like they spend more time looking after other people needs, wants and desires than their own.

If parts of these responses resonate with you, it might be a great opportunity to have a look at your boundaries. So often our boundaries are non-existent or not consistent with our values and when we don’t set boundaries and maintain them we can be guaranteed someone else will – whether that be a work colleague, partner or family.

Life with boundaries doesn’t mean a rigid inflexible life; instead it creates and cultivates a purposeful life with great meaning and happiness. It puts the P back in purpose and allows you to look at your life with you in the driver’s seat.

Quite often the people that have trouble with boundaries are those that are deemed to be great givers. A great giver in a working environment can either go to the top or the bottom of the ladder. One of the biggest differences between those that go to the top is their ability for them to put boundaries in place.

So many great leaders in business have been great givers and it is a sustainable and rewarding place of contribution when you have great boundaries. If you are interested to know if you are a Giver, Taker or Matcher there is a free online test by Adam Grant (you can also read more about what a Matcher and Taker is). Visit and assess your style.

Getting clear on your boundaries is a highly valuable investment of your time. Great rewards, clarity and purpose can be discovered and integrated into your life when you create, maintain and sustain your boundaries.

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19 Apr 2015