Life and Wellness Coach Lyndall Mitchell is the founder of Australia's best day spa Aurora Spa Retreat located in Melbourne, Victoria and on the Gold Coast, Queensland in Australia. Lyndall offers Wellness Masterclasses and workshops and coaching for individual and businesses.
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January 2014


Posted by Lyndall Mitchell in Friends

Our friends are our greatest supporters, or inspirations, our rocks when we need it. Do you feel that you have at least five close friends that you can call on at any time? Friends that want the best for you, that don’t judge you or expect anything from you? Essentially people you feel you can be totally yourself around?


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Posted by Lyndall Mitchell in Finances

Just like we have our annual health check up with our doctor I like to encourage all my clients to have an annual “self” check up. This will be time to review the eight key areas in your life and see where you need most focus moving forward. These eight areas are: (more…)

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