LYNDALL MITCHELL | 2013 September
Life and Wellness Coach Lyndall Mitchell is the founder of Australia's best day spa Aurora Spa Retreat located in Melbourne, Victoria and on the Gold Coast, Queensland in Australia. Lyndall offers Wellness Masterclasses and workshops and coaching for individual and businesses.
Life coaching wellness coaching Melbourne Australia Lyndall Mitchell Founder Aurora Spa Retreat

September 2013

‘Fun Factor’ Health Check

Posted by Lyndall Mitchell in Fun & Recreation

Sometimes we can get so serious with our day-to-day living that we can forget to stop, laugh and lighten the load. We need to give our lives a ‘fun factor’ health check and ask ourselves, ‘What is it you are inspired to do?’, ‘What is it that brings a smile to your face?’ (more…)

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Date Night

Posted by Lyndall Mitchell in Loved Ones

Cultivating and sustaining the close connection with your partner takes a conscious effort. All too often the other less important areas of life can dominate our day-to-day priorities. The effort we once put into our relationship with our significant other becomes the lagging 10th priority on the ever growing to do list. (more…)

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